What do we do?

Custom Software This is what we do. Our strength lies here.

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We are highly specialized in custom software development projects that behave exactly to fit our customers needs performing how they are supposed to work and accomplishing the clients expectations.


We use a wide range of technologies to develop Web, Desktop or Mobile Applications, to manage databases, to interconnect information systems or to fulfill whatever needs that could be required in the IT Field.

Cloud Computing Smart Cities Big Data
Internet of things Machine Learning Web Programming
Mobile Apps Graphic Computing Information Systems

Consultancy Development, deployment and monitoring of Projects Developed

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In the consultancy area we design, plan, develop and launch technological projects. We also deal with technical studies or business reports. We design everything to work properly.


We study deep our projects to be sure they are ready to help our customers to fulfill their business goals in a wide range of areas such us management of internal processes, e-commerce projects or marketing applications.

Computer expert Appraisals and Legal Reports

We elaborate forensic reports and appraisals valid as legal evidences. Reports are provided always from a professional and impartial view.  

  • Counterfeit Email or Images Detection

  • Software and Information Systems Costs estimation.

  • Professional third parties appraisals for grants. .

  • Security breaches detection. Double Accounting

  • Social Media Monitorization and Conflict detection. 

  • Theft of Keys and / or sensitive information.

  • Theft or deleting files.

  • Digital evidence in technological crimes.

  • Certification of digital content.

Machine Learning Machine Learning

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Cybersecurity Safe working services

We offer services both for diagnostic analysis and to implement the necessary measures that allow you to work and keep your information safe.

  • Analysis: detection of vulnerabilities and security flaws

  • External or perimeter audit, nternal audit and Forensic Analysis

  • Implementation of cybersecurity measures