About Us

About Us

Alborada IT Engineering is dedicated to the management and development of custom software solutions. We are in the business since 2009. From our offices in Almería (Spain) we work not only for the spanish market but for international projects also. Currently we have projects successfully deployed in 6 different countries. We believe simple is beautiful and we strive to create the best software so our customers can achieve their goals providing them simple, easy and reliable software solutions.


A key factor in our business is R&D and we know it. We believe that investing in R&D we can do a better work with the most advanced and cutting edge technology. We collaborate with companies, research centers and organizations performing R&D for developing new products and improving our services. Especially with the “Applied Computing Group” TIC-211 from the University of Almería, we share some research lines and we have a close collaboration involving some projects that we have developed together.


Luisa Prieto Domínguez


Roberto Salas


Sergio Antonio Martín Luque

Senior Developer

Juan Lorca

Senior Developer

Cristian Loza

Junior Developer

Juan Andrés García Cañadas

Junior developer

Luis Iribarne

Co-founder and R&D Project Manager

Rosa Ayala

Co-founder and R&D Project Manager