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AndaluciaSmart defines the strategic and operational framework of the Andalusian to boost the priority actions related to smart development of the Andalusian cities by 2020. The keys to this strategy are outlined in three documents: the Smart Diagnosis of Cities and Municipalities Andalusia, white paper for Smart Cities and Municipalities and the Plan of Action AndalucíaSmart 2020. the latter formulation was agreed by the Governing Council of the Andalusian Government in December 2015 and currently there is a draft. The documents cited are available on the site web http: //


The Smart Diagnosis of Cities and Municipalities of Andalusia was the first goal of the AndaluciaSmart strategy. It would take too long to explain here all matters referred and analyzed in this paper, will serve as the epitome of these statistics, the shortcomings detected in the area of ??funding or collaboration between the Andalusian cities with intelligent transformation initiatives justify a smart strategy deployed orderly scale regional may be more advantageous for the Andalusian municipalities that add unrelated projects and support independently.


The White Paper for Smart Cities and Municipalities of Andalusia, provides Andalusian municipal governments, and the rest of the intelligent ecosystem generic advice to develop their strategies and smart growth initiatives. The document emphasizes the definition of a development model smart city set to the idiosyncrasies, expectations and priorities of each municipality. With this approach, the White Paper presents a model of self-diagnostics that helps municipalities to meet its initial position in specific roadmap of transformation in smart city, identifying, in a structured and planned manner, actions, specific projects and resources .


The Action Plan has been defined AndalucíaSmart 2020 to facilitate the transformation of a real smart Andalusia region, promoting collaboration between the Andalusian municipalities of all sizes to take advantage of synergies, complementarity, reusability and economies of scale to be gained from Smart initiatives, new and existing. The Plan of the diagnosis of opportunities, needs and wants smart observed in the Andalusian municipalities and articulated through seven strategic lines covering 12 priority actions. These include the financing program for the development of smart cities and towns of Andalusia, focusing on the development of smart urban infrastructure through ICT and intended for municipalities under 20,000 inhabitants. Another action that prioritizes the Plan is the development of digital processing platform MOAD (Sustainable Model of e-government local government of Andalucia), to be implemented in 400 Andalusian municipalities and which aims to implement a complete model of governance Local that, among other things, consolidate a single catalog of administrative procedures.