Is an iPhone 6 original or just a copy? Legal expert opinion

Alborada is mainly known thanks to our software development activity, which is our key task. Today, however, due to one of the last cases we have solved, we wanted to inform about another activity we use to do: expert’s reports and judicial valuations.

How can we know if a mobile phone, an iPhone6 in this case, is an original or a copy? This week we were sent a pericial report for Almería Courthouse in which we were asked for something very easy: to check whether a mobile phone was an iPhone6 or just a copy.

Cases like this one use to be easy. As soon as the mobile phone is observed, it can be easily detected if what we are seeing is a copy. This time, seeing materials, shape, inscriptions, and even when placing it besides a real iPhone6, the differences are not obvious.

Finally, after checking some details like external sensors and material brightness and analyzing the operating system, it can be stated that this phone is a copy. Actually, the operating system is not even an iOS, but an Android 4.4.2 extraordinarily well customized, making it look like a real Apple operating system.

The high quality copies that can be found nowadays is quite surprising, even among high end mobile phones. To detect a copy can be very hard for not specialized users. Would you have been able to detect this one?