BigDat 2016

Alborada and UAL Applied Computer Science Research Group, represented by Antonio Jesús Fernández García, have attended BigDat 2016, a research globally known training event which has the main goal of informing about the update on most recent developments about BigData.

 Around 200 people atended this event, which was celebrated in Bilbao and organized by the University Rovira i Virgili from Tarragona and the University of Deusto. More than the three-quarters of the enrolled people were international and they came to Spain because of the magnitude of this event.

BigDat2016 dealt with the most important issues about scientific research and industrial innovation, all of this related to Big Data. The role of Big Data in disciplines such as medicine, engineering, business models and society was specially emphasized. The event enjoyed the presence of several globally known experts like Jeffrey Ullman (Standford University), Chih-Jen Lin (National Taiwan University), Nektarios Benekos (European Organization for Nuclear Research) o Alexandre Vaniachine (Argonne National Laboratory), among the more than 20 lectures.

In the images: Antonio Jesús, Alborada CEO and UAL researcher; Sisay Adugna (University of Siegen-Alemania), Matías Marenchino (Ascentio Technologies-Argentina), Francesca Carli (Oxford University, UK), Anna Carly (University of Padova) and Elaneh Pourabbas (National Research Council of Italy).