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Web Cicue

Cicue is a company with integral management of facilities and with a diversity of services focused mainly on services of maintenance, cleaning and other auxiliary services.

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App LAB Mobile Tentamus Android-iOS

LAB is a company that offers a personalized service to solve general or specific problems in fields such as: chemical, environmental, industrial, microbiological and biological measures, among others.

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MedPlat Shop

Medplat is a shop for the sale of components, materials and equipment necessary for Bioimpresión .

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KystCentret Android and iOS Apps

Android and iOS app suitable for mobile phones and tablets developed for Denmark “KystCentret” theme park. This app shows information related to the park and includes an interactive map and a QR Code Reader to solve activities while visiting the park.

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We are accredited providers of TicCámaras Program, which seeks to help small and medium-sized enterprises to be more competitive through the integration of ICTs tools.

European Universities Football Championship 2013

App devoted to the 2013 European Universities Football Championship. It includes: Players and Teams Management, Groups Management, Qualifying rounds and Matches, Real-time Statistic Data Collector, Matches follow-ups (Commentaries, Statistics, Twitter pos

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We have cooperated with enterprises in Cloud Program, which seeks the promotion of cloud-based computing solutions offering.

Passion Week Huércal Overa, Android and iOS App

Development of an Android and iOS App containing information on processions and routes in Huércal Overa Passion Week. These processions were the first ones to be declared of “National Interest

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This program provides small and medium-sized enterprises with an advisory service on e-commerce as well as with support for the implementation of an online shop.

Doña Pakyta Museun App for Android

Android app developed in association with Arquitecture Inta3D company for Doña Pakyta Museum in Almería. The app is integrated with images and descriptions to enrich the experience in the museum. It also counts on Audio Guides for blind people.

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Jospal Website

Web containing trilingual corporate information, a product finder and products descriptions of “Jospal”, global agricultural exporting company with headquarters in Spain, Jordan and Algeria.

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Celemin Website

Celemin Servicies Company webpage is specialized in cultural, educational and entertainment projects. With headquarters in Almería and branch offices in each city of Andalucía, this company uses their webpage in order to position itself and show their ser

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Breca Health Care Website Development

Breca Health Care is a biomedical engineering company that uses 3D printing technologies, computer aided design, reverse engineering and computational validation in order to develop state of the art custom made products and solutions in the healthcare sec

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